Christmas Takes the Lead: Merry Christmas 2 – Happy Holidays 1

During Christmastime, oops, the holiday season, or, um, whatever, I find it interesting to observe the institutional gyrations as businesses, schools, and governments deal with the challenge of Christmas. Traditionally, of course, “Merry Christmas” prevailed, along with Christmas trees and even nativity scenes. But, in recent years, concerns about the feelings of non-Christian folk have [Read More…]

Christmas, Culture, and Christ: Do We Need a Little Christmas?

In the Broadway musical Mame, eccentric Mame Dennis loses her fortune in the Wall Street crash of 1929. Believing that she and her household need some cheering up, she sings what has now become a popular holiday song, “We Need a Little Christmas.” The final chorus rings with seasonal desire: Slice up the fruitcake; It’s [Read More…]

Don’t Stress About Christmas: The High Calling Interviews Me About Advent

Recently, I was interviewed by The High Calling on the topic of Advent. Well, strictly speaking, I was interviewed by Marcus Goodyear, the Senior Editor of The High Calling and one of my colleagues at Foundations for Laity Renewal. Marcus does a fine interview, which means, from my point of view, that his questions were [Read More…]

No More Clink of the Coin in the Kettle . . . Salvation Army Ringers Go Digital

The New York Times reports that the Salvation Army is going digital. In more and more locations this year, those omnipresent bell ringers with the red kettles will be equipped so you can swipe your card in order to make a Christmas donation. According to a Salvation Army representative: “A lot of people just don’t [Read More…]