What is Your Church’s Front Porch? Could It Be Digital?

Anthony B. Robinson has written an excellent piece for Faith & Leadership: “Building a Front Porch.” He seeks to answer these mission critical questions: How can church leaders create an intermediate space where people can begin to learn that church isn’t an entertainment experience? How can churches build the front porch, creating a space where [Read More…]

No Surprise Here: Confidence in Organized Religion at Low Point

Gallup recently released its results of the annual “confidence in institutions” poll. “The church or organized religion” hit an all-time low, with 44% of respondents saying that they have a “great deal” or “quite a lot” of confidence in “the church or organized religion.” That organized religion has hit an historic low doesn’t surprise me. [Read More…]

Tim Dalrymple: If You’re Selling Scorn for Conservative Christians, the Market is Hot

Tim Dalrymple is one of my favorite writers of matters of faith and culture. Why? Because he makes me think in news ways, again and again and again. I read his recent post on his Philosophical Fragments blog: “If You’re Selling Scorn for Conservative Christians, the Market is Hot.” The title suggested a common complaint [Read More…]

Mother’s Day and Churchgoing: Good News and Bad News

The good news: Mother’s Day is a big church attendance day, ranking in the top three (along with Christmas and Easter). The bad news: Father’s Day is a low attendance day, ranking at the bottom of the churchgoing chart. This news, both good and bad, comes from a recent survey conducted by LifeWay Research. Lifeway [Read More…]