Catholic Church to Buy Orange County’s Crystal Cathedral

The Crystal Cathedral in Orange County, California

The Los Angeles Times reports that, after months of rumors and lots of battles in bankruptcy court, it has now been decided that the Roman Catholic Diocese of Orange will purchase the Crystal Cathedral for a tidy sum of $57.5 million. This sale is the result of the financial failure of the Crystal Cathedral and [Read More...]

A Church as a Body, Part 2


Part 14 of series: What is a Church? A Church as a Body, Part 2 In my last post I began to explain why the Apostle Paul wrote to the Christians in Corinth, and why he used the image of the human body to help them understand who they were as God’s people together. The [Read More...]

A Church as a Body, Part 1

The ruins of ancient Corinth. Photo from

Recap: In this series, What is a Church?, I’m trying to discover what the Bible says about the local church. What is, or better yet, what should this odd collection of people we call a church be like? What is the nature of a Christian community, according to Scripture? So far I’ve examined in detail [Read More...]

Church Beyond the Local Gathering


Part 12 of series: What is a Church? Church Beyond the Local Gathering Before I finish my discussion of the meaning of the word ekklesia – usually translated as “church” – in the New Testament, I need to say something about the use of ekklesia in Paul’s letters to the Colossians and the Ephesians. Curiously, [Read More...]