Divine Guidance Through Community (Part 2)

A picture of my wife and me around the time of my story. Yes, I was wearing those giant glasses and that stylish moustache. And, yes, I was wearing shorts that short. I'm glad some things change, though I'd be happy to have all that brown hair again.

Part 10 of series: How Does God Guide Us? In my last post, I began to explain how God guides us through Christian community. This sort of discernment happens especially in the context of intimate relationships: small groups, prayer partnerships, or spiritual direction relationships. For example, several years ago, my wife and I were going [Read More...]

Divine Guidance Through Community

The agora (marketplace) of ancient Thessalonica as it looks today. Picture thanks to HolyLandPhotos.org.

Part 9 of series: How Does God Guide Us? Today, I’m getting back to my series: How Does God Guide Us? You can find the first eight parts of this series here. So far I’ve shown that the Spirit of God guides us through circumstances and Scripture. But, as I have admitted, both circumstances and [Read More...]

Sunday Inspiration from The High Calling: God Places the Lonely in Families

God Places the Lonely in Families Psalm 68:1-35 God places the lonely in families; he sets the prisoners free and gives them joy. But he makes the rebellious live in a sun-scorched land. Psalm 68:6 When I read Psalm 68:6, the first sentence of this verse grabbed my attention: “God places the lonely in families.” [Read More...]