Thank You For This Crummy Job

Over at The High Calling, David Rupert thanks God for his crummy job: I sense that I’m not alone. During the recession my friends went from the rolls of short-term unemployed to long-term. Others were underemployed, finding work as temps or part time workers, benefits trimmed or stripped outright. Others had to do way more with [Read More…]

Upward Mobility Has a Downside

Related to yesterday’s post: at The High Calling, David Rupert recently reflected on the downside to upward mobility: The Wall Street Journal article, “Hold On To Your Dream Job,” cites a survey that claims “3 in 4 employees say they have no desire to move up in their organizations.” This goes against the presumption that we are [Read More…]

Dear God, Thank You For This Crummy Job

Part 9 of series: Thanksgiving: Not Just a Day, But a Season Dear God, Thank You For This Crummy Job I just read a wonderful and timely piece on being thankful for a job even if it’s a crummy one. David Rupert begins his article for The High Calling this way: I remember the days [Read More…]