The Dangers of Evangelical Austerity

Over at The High Calling, Skye Jethani has written a probing, provocative reflection on the danger of evangelical austerity and the dangers of demanding that beauty submit to practicality. Likewise, I don’t know any church leader who would utterly deny the value of art. Most churches put astronomical amounts of their budgets into buildings, worship [Read More…]

A New Code of Ethics for Pastors: Introduction

Part 1 of series: Code of Ethics for Pastors: A Commentary The National Association of Evangelicals has just released a new Code of Ethics for Pastors. This three-and-a-half page document features five major admonitions for ethical behavior: Pursue Integrity Be Trustworthy Seek Purity Embrace Accountability Facilitate Fairness. Under each category, there are several statements of [Read More…]

John Stott: Not an Evangelical Blowhard according to the Times

John Stott gets a thumbs-up from the New York Times. Specifically, Pulitizer-prize winning op-ed columnist for the Times, Nicholas Kristof, gives the late John Stott his stamp of approval, his imprimatur, if you will. (To be accurate, this is the second time, to my knowledge, that the Times has approved of Stott. The first came [Read More…]