Spiritual Guidance: For Whose Benefit? Part 1

The maze outside of the Governor's Palace in Williamsburg, Virginia

Part 20 of series: How Does God Guide Us? In my last post in this series, I told the story of a woman named Eva who tested what she believed to be the Spirit’s guidance by stepping out in faith. Through doing this, she was able to bring God’s grace to a woman who was [Read More...]

Confirming the Spirit’s Guidance, Part 2

A cliff diver in Acapulco, Mexico. Now that's what I call a leap of faith!

Part 19 of series: How Does God Guide Us? A couple of days ago, I suggested that we can confirm (or disconfirm) the Spirit’s guidance in a variety of ways, but principally through stepping out in faith. I also acknowledged that this can be scary, since it may require us to do something that is [Read More...]

Divine Guidance and Spiritual Direction

The first book in Howatch's series of novels featuring the Anglican church. I recommend this book, though it is R-rated in spots.

Part 17 of series: How Does God Guide Us? In my opinion, spiritual direction can be a valuable means through which God can guide us. Allow me to explain what I mean and why I think this way. For most Protestant and/or evangelical Christians, the phrase “spiritual direction” is an unfamiliar one. The title of [Read More...]

Developing an Ear to Hear the Holy Spirit (Part 2)

When I lived in California, I frequently walked along the beach at Crystal Cove State Park when I needed to get away and pray.

Part 16 of series: How Does God Guide Us? In my last post, I talked about how important it is to quiet our hearts if we’re to receive guidance through the Holy Spirit. I suggested that literal silence, such as what we might experience on a silent retreat, helps promote internal silence. But how is [Read More...]