Abraham Lincoln’s School of Management

The Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC

Nancy F. Koehn, an historian at Harvard Business School, has written a fascinating piece for the New York Times on Abraham Lincoln as a “management guru.” In “Lincoln’s School of Management,” Koehn lays out ways in which Lincoln’s approach to management is relevant to today’s leaders. Here are a few enticing excerpts: “Lincoln’s presidency is [Read More...]

After Seeing Lincoln, I Wanted to Sit in Stunned, Reflective Silence


Once in a great while when I see a film in a theater, I find myself not wanting to move when it’s over. Even after the credits stop rolling, I wish I could just sit in silence and remain in the moment. I want to think, to feel, to respond to the art I have [Read More...]

A Season of Thanksgiving: A Brief History of Thanksgiving

“The First Thanksgiving” by Jennie August Brownscombe, 1914

Part 3 of series: Thanksgiving: Not Just a Day, But a Season A Season of Thanksgiving: A Brief History of Thanksgiving For several years, it has been my history to put up a bit of Thanksgiving history a few days prior to the holiday. So, once again, here is a brief history of Thanksgiving. Several [Read More...]