Abraham Lincoln’s School of Management

Nancy F. Koehn, an historian at Harvard Business School, has written a fascinating piece for the New York Times on Abraham Lincoln as a “management guru.” In “Lincoln’s School of Management,” Koehn lays out ways in which Lincoln’s approach to management is relevant to today’s leaders. Here are a few enticing excerpts: “Lincoln’s presidency is [Read More…]

Mark’s Musings on “Micromanagement”

A friend of mine is writing an article on managers who “micromanage.” I will like to her article when it’s written. Anyway, she asked me if I had any thoughts about this. I did, and sent her a list of ten musings on managers who micromanage. My list is not in any order. Just my [Read More…]

If You’re a Boss, Share the Wealth!

My colleagues at The High Calling have just produced a new video on work. It’s called “Share the Wealth,” and is well worth one minute of your time if you are a boss, or if you every hope to become one. [Read more…]