Have Scholars Discovered the Oldest Manuscript of the New Testament?

Yes, according to Dr. Daniel Wallace. He has recently revealed what he believes to be a manuscript of the Gospel of Mark that comes from the first century A.D. Wallace is a professor of New Testament at Dallas Theological Seminary and the founder of The Center for the Study of the New Testament Manuscripts, an [Read More…]

Ancient Ephesus and the New Testament: Completed Series

I completed my series of blog posts on Ancient Ephesus and the New Testament. At this link, you’ll be able to read the series in logical/chronological order. Also, you are welcome to use this material for any ministry-related or non-profit educational purpose. [Read more…]

Paul and the Silversmiths

Part 8 of series: Ancient Ephesus and the New Testament Paul and the Silversmiths Now that we know something about the goddess Artemis and her importance for Ephesus, we’re ready to get back to the story of Paul’s ministry in this city. As Paul’s ministry began to thrive in Ephesus, a certain Demetrius became concerned. [Read More…]

Artemis and Her Temple

Part 7 of series: Ancient Ephesus and the New Testament Artemis and Her Temple In my last post, I summarized the beginning of Paul’s ministry in Ephesus as it’s described in Acts 19. We saw that, after first being stymied in his effort to reach out to Ephesian Jews through the synagogue, Paul switched to [Read More…]