Kierkegaard and the MOOCs

School is nearly out for the year, and so most teachers, like myself, are thinking ahead to the summer and to the distant days of fall. One of the things we’re always doing is fiddling with how we teach. What’s the best way to teach someone? How can we “do” learning effectively? And what’s the goal of [Read More…]

What Will Get Swamped in the Tsunami of Online Education?

Recently, I have been blogging on the coming “tsunami” of online education. In various configurations, dozens of top universities are banding together to offer top quality online education experiences. For now, these will be made available to anyone free of charge. What do leading educators think of this? According to the New York Times, “This [Read More…]

Another Wave of the Online Education Tsunami Hits Our Shores

Yesterday, my blog post was entitled: “Online Education: Here Comes the Tsunami.” In this post I summarized an article in the New York Times that describes a recent announcement by several major universities. They are teaming up with Coursera, a for-profit company founded by two Stanford professors, to offer a wide array of free, online [Read More…]

Online Education: Here Comes the Tsunami

Online education is a tsunami and it’s about to inundate us. It is changing education and how we think about – and maybe also what we’re willing to pay for it. A couple of months ago, MIT and Harvard announced the formation of edX, a joint venture that will offer top quality online learning to [Read More…]