Don’t Do What You Love

Wait, what? Don’t do what you love? No, argues Charlotte Lieberman in Harvard Business Review — just do what you do: And like many, I wonder if I am “following my passion.” Doing “what I love.” I do love writing — but I’m not necessarily passionate about describing the benefits of adding chia seeds to green juice. [Read More…]

Contemplating the Passion

Over at The High Calling, Gordon Atkinson provides some help for those who are looking for aid in contemplating the passion of Christ: If you have been a Christian for many years and are familiar with the story, you are at a great disadvantage. Try to forget that you already know every detail of what [Read More…]

Should We Be Motivated By Passion? Or Duty?

In the last couple of months, in graduation speeches across this country, graduates were exhorted to follow their passions, to do that which flowed from the depths of their being. I expect that, as a preacher, I have sometimes urged people to follow their passions (the godly passion, that is). It’s pretty much assumed in our day that we should all live according to our powerful feelings, desires, and visions.

But is this right? Is this enough? [Read more…]