The Church as an Alternative Community, Part 2

Part 11 of series: What is a Church? The Church as an Alternative Community, Part 2 In yesterday’s post, I explained how the early Christian use of the work ekklesia for their gathering suggested that the church was an alternative, even a subversive community. By subversive, I do not mean that Christians were plotting to [Read More…]

Presbyterians Will Revise Ordination Standards: A Brief Response to This Change in the PC(USA)

In a few days, the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) will officially revise its ordination standards. Voting in PC(USA) regional bodies (presbyteries) now makes this change inevitable. Newspaper headlines will say things like: “PC(USA) Endorses Gay Ordination.” This is true in a way, but not entirely true either, because no church in the PC(USA) will be compelled [Read More…]