Why We Praise the Lord – Inspiration from the High Calling

Praise him for his mighty works; praise his unequaled greatness! Psalm 150:2 Each week, millions of Christians throughout the world gather together in order to offer praise to God. Moreover, we praise God in our private devotions and, in many cases, throughout the day as we celebrate God’s goodness to us. I figure that I [Read More…]

Can We Praise God Through Play? Inspiration from the High Calling

Praise the LORD from the earth, you creatures of the ocean depths. Psalm 148:7 Psalm 148 summons all creation to praise the Lord: heavens, angels, sun, moon, clouds, weather, mountains, trees, animals, and all sorts of human beings. Verse 7 invites “creatures from the ocean depths” to praise God. Now, I realize that this is [Read More…]