Beware of Three-Second Distractions

Here’s a surprising fact (or maybe not): even a 3-second distraction can screw you up, especially at work: Researchers asked 300 Michigan State University undergrads to complete a tedious computer exercise in which subjects needed to remember exactly where they were in a precise sequence of tasks. The researchers evilly programmed interruptions to occur after [Read More…]

The Powerlessness of Positive Thinking

By now, the idea of the “power of positive thinking” is a cliche, but one that we almost accept as being self-evidently true. Positive people get ahead, right? At the┬áNew Yorker, Adam Alter explores research challenging that notion: According to a great deal of research, positive fantasies may lessen your chances of succeeding. In one [Read More…]

Want a Happier, Healthier Life? Then Be Thankful!

Part 7 of series: Thanksgiving: Not Just a Day, But a Season Want a Happier, Healthier Life? Then Be Thankful! Now, I know this sounds like pop psychobabble. But, in fact, serious research suggests that expressing gratitude for your blessings will, indeed, help you to be both happier and healthier. Among the studies that demonstrate [Read More…]