Batkid Saves San Francisco

If you skipped the Internet this weekend, you might have missed Batkid. And that would be a mistake. On Friday, the city of San Francisco (in partnership with the Make a Wish Foundation) transformed into Gotham to help fulfill the wish of a five-year-old boy with leukemia to be Batman for a day. Here’s a [Read More…]

Adrift: Gorgeous Fog

This is purely just for the “wow, cool” factor: I spotted this time-lapse short film that looks at fog in the San Francisco Bay Area, by filmmaker Simon Christen. It’s gorgeous, and only four and a half minutes long: Adrift (on Vimeo) [Read more…]

Score at the End of the Second Inning: McDonalds 2, San Francisco 1

San Francisco was leading at the end of the first inning by a score of 1-0. I think San Francisco thought they had won the game, beating McDonalds soundly. But it turns out that there are more innings to be played, and McDonalds is leading at the end of the second. Let me explain what [Read More…]

Reading the Times (May 9, 2011)

Looking for a Parking Spot? We’ve Got An App for That According to the New York Times, San Francisco has introduced an app to help drivers find open parking spots. Utilizing special parking sensors and iPhone technology, the city promises to help frustrated drivers will cutting down on wasted time and energy. There is concern, [Read More…]