Talk About Smells! In Praise of Texas Mountain Laurel

A blooming Texas Mountain Laurel plant in my front yard.

A couple of days ago, I blogged on the power of smell to stir up memories. Before I leave the topic of smells, I thought I might add a further reflection. A few nights ago, I stepped out of my front door.  Taking a deep breath, I was surprised to find the air redolent of [Read More...]

The Power of Smell to Stir Up Memories

The contstruction site near Schlotzsky's, complete with the requisite outhouse.

Scientific studies have shown that smell has unusual power to stir up memories. Most of us can vouch for that fact from our own experience. You smell old books and remember your grandfather’s den. You smell roses and remember the garden of the house you grew up in. And so forth and so on. Today, [Read More...]

In Praise of the Smell of Christmas Trees

One of my favorite, recent Christmas trees, a Fraser Fir. Not often sold in California, this variety is plentiful in Texas, though it is grown only in the southern Appalachians.

There’s nothing quite like a great smell. A smell has power like no other sensory experience, especially when it comes to memory. It’s well known that a certain smell can activate our memories like nothing else. That’s one of the main reasons I love fresh, genuine Christmas trees. These days, artificial Christmas trees are hardly [Read More...]