How Does God Guide Us? Some Final Thoughts

Part 23 of series: How Does God Guide Us? In this series I’ve tried to show some of the ways that God guides us. I’ve explained that God guides us through: • Circumstances • Scripture • Community • Reason • Dreams and Visions • Divine Whispering • Spiritual Direction I suggested that we can confirm [Read More…]

Divine Guidance Through the Holy Spirit

Part 3 of series: How Does God Guide Us? The Bible reveals that the God guides his people. Scripture abounds with examples. Some are dramatic, as in the Book of Exodus. There, not only does God direct Moses by speaking through a burning bush that is not consumed, but also God guides Pharaoh to release [Read More…]

Spirit Guide Silliness (Part 2 of series: How Does God Guide Us?)

Spiritual guidance is a marketable commodity these days. If you’re willing to fork over a few bucks–sometimes, a few hundred–you can receive personal guidance from people who claim to have a special channel to “the spirit world.” Many of these gurus hock their supernatural wares at expensive conferences and workshops. Others have turned to the [Read More…]