A Seamless Calling

Over at the InterVarsity website “The Well,” my Christianity Today colleague Katelyn Beaty wrote a lovely profile of Dr. Karen Swallow Prior, of Liberty University, and her “seamless vocation”: Now, Iā€™m getting to see Karen ā€” who is spending this break finishing a biography of social reformer and abolitionist Hannah More ā€” in her daily [Read More…]

It It Possible to Teach the Art of Conversation and Civility?

Alissa Wilkinson thinks so. A writing instructor at The King’s College in New York City and an accomplished writer in her own right, Wilkinson believes it is both possible and beneficial to teach students, not only how to write decent prose, but also how to communicate effectively in today’s world. Wilkinson is especially concerned that [Read More…]

What Was the Message of Jesus?

Part 1 of series: What Was the Message of Jesus? Just about everybody wants Jesus on their side, or so it seems. Yes, there are a few zealous atheists who seem happy to dismiss the relevance if not the historical reality of Jesus. But, for the most part, people like to claim Jesus as a [Read More…]