Digital Technology and Education: A Mixed Bag

Is digital technology the savior of education? Or is it the destroyer of education? Or is it both . . . and neither? For quite a while now, we’ve been told that one of the big secrets for improving education is the Internet. If we want all students to learn, then we need to get [Read More…]

The Interweaving of Digital Life with Embodied Life – Social Media vs. Privacy

Yesterday, I considered the interweaving of digital life and embodied life in response to an article that explained how political spats on Facebook impact relationships, including the face-to-face kind. Today, I want to look at another curious case of such interweaving of the digital and the embodied. In “Seeking Privacy in a Networked Age,” New [Read More…]

Is Digital Technology Warping Your Brain?

Is digital technology warping your brain? Maybe so. Or at least it is changing your brain. In a recent article in the New York Times, “Your Brain on E-Books and Smartphone Apps,” Nick Bilton confesses that his brain is being shaped by his frequent use of electronic media for reading. Here’s how his confession begins: [Read More…]

Thoughts on “Digital Ministry” from Faith & Leadership

Duke Divinity School’s Faith & Leadership website regularly features fascinating, thought-provoking articles and interviews related to some aspect of leadership. Recently, Faith & Leadership published an interview with the Rev. Keith Anderson, a Lutheran pastor and co-author of Click 2 Save: The Digital Ministry Bible (with Elizabeth Drescher). I found Anderson’s comments on “digital ministry” [Read More…]