This Great Hunger

Here’s Bradford Winters on his family’s recent trip to Ireland, and “this great hunger”: For when I came to Ireland entirely well-fed and altogether famished, I came planning that our family sabbatical would double in ways as an individual semi-retreat. I would be working, yes, but far away from the hectic elements of life back [Read More…]

Bless the world that swirls outside these windows

It’s Thanksgiving here in the States today. Here’s a poem to celebrate. Thanksgiving by Linda McCarriston Every year we call it down upon ourselves, the chaos of the day before the occasion, the morning before the meal. Outdoors, the men cut wood, fueling appetite in the gray air, as Nana, Arlene, Mary, Robin—whatever women we [Read More…]

A Week of Thanksgiving – Thanksgiving as a Way of Life

Yesterday was Thanksgiving Day, a day set apart by the U.S. government so that Americans might express their thanks. I think it’s a fine thing that the United States (among other countries) sets apart a specific day for gratitude, even if this day is often more devoted to football and feasting than to actually giving [Read More…]

A Week of Thanksgiving: The Rewards of Gratitude, Part 2 – Communal Celebration

Happy Thanksgiving! In today’s post, I continue to reflect on some of the rewards of gratitude. During my sixteen years as pastor of Irvine Presbyterian Church, one of my favorite events was our annual Thanksgiving Eve worship service. We gathered to sing songs of gratitude, to offer prayers of thanks, and to be reminded of [Read More…]