Still to Come…

The coordinated attack by the State on the Seal of the Confessional. It will come. Depend on it. Thanks, Cardinal Law, Cardinal Egan, Cardinal Mahony, Bp. McCormack, Bp. O’Connell…. You’ve given Caesar the perfect weapon for assaulting the Church in its very heart: the sacraments. All future acts against the integrity of the sacraments, no matter how outrageous, will be justfied by the mantra “We’re doing it… for the children.” What this will mean in practice is that good priests and bishops who will not violate the Seal will go to jail. Bad priests will take off the neckties they wear in their Notre Dame theology classes, put on a collar for the Larry King interview, look grave and thoughtful and talk about the need to revisit the Fortress of the Confessional and the sanctuary this provides abusers. God defend your Church from the treasons of men.