Fr. Shawn O’Neal writes…

in response to my piece Worshipping and Witnessing Side by Side:

A parish staff member asked my pastor if we should have a meeting in between Masses to discuss the current scandal. She said that she has heard from a few parisioners and how it has been discussed anywhere and everywhere.

I know that I have talked about it all with parishioners on an informal basis, and I know that they have shown great support, but there’s no reason for us to hash over what is in the media. Wanna read it? Then buy your own copy of the paper.

My pastor went to the university Catholic Campus Ministry center for Mass last Sunday evening and offered to talk about the situation. Two students came and it was really for the sake of affirmation for the priests.

This reminds me of the Multicultural Awareness thingie we had at our former parish years ago, sponsored by Exquisitely Sensitive Guilty Feeling White People. Like most Pacific Rim parishes, we are a huge ethnic mix and happily so. So what happened when they held the thingie? White people came. It made them feel less guilty. Nobody else came because they had lives and did not feel victimized and were not worrying about the stuff that kept the guilty-feeling white handwringers in the parish awake at night planning Multicultural Awareness thingies. Same with the Situation. Most Catholics are amazed at the stupidity of bishops but they aren’t leaving the Church over it. Who ever became a Catholic saying, “Wow! A church with bishops *that* glamorous *must* be from God!”? We stay because of Christ. Not because our clergy are shining stars. Memo to American Media: memorize the phrase “We have these treasures in jars of clay.”