Amy Nails It

As far as hope goes, I (once again) thrust to the forefront the work of the phenomenal Catherine of Siena Institute, which teaches laypeople, better than anybody else in the world, what the lay office is, how God equips us to live it, and how we layfolk can do our bit for the gospel. Check ‘em out! St. Kate, whose feast day this is, would want it that way.

In addition, she challenges an article on Catholic Exchange by H.W. Crocker annnnnnd (sorry, Boss) I gotta agree with her. It’s not as simple as Evil Progressives vs. Virtuous Conservatives. As I’ve already noted, this scandal has brought out the worst traits in both ends of the spectrum. Yes, an evil dissenter (not all dissenters are evil, but Shanley is) committed grave crimes in Boston. But a Don’t Rock the Boat conservative made it possible for him to go on doing so for 20 years. Welborn’s right. The big problem here is bishops who have failed their flocks. I hope, however, that Crocker is right that “Church leaders who found it impossible to condemn and refer to law enforcement the criminal activities of clerics known to be predatory pedophiles and homosexuals – as in the recently revealed Shanley case in Boston – are hardly the men who will be entrusted with reform.”