Coming soon: St. Mychal Judge

As most people are aware, Fr. Mychal Judge, the courageous martyr of 9/11, was a priest who was homosexually-oriented. You don’t know much about him, do you?. Which is the point. The American Tobacco Growers wing of the Church, typified by Bp. Gumbleton will find him an invaluable figure to hold aloft in the coming firestorm of complaints about “homophobia” that will greet any serious attempt by Rome or the American bishops to suggest that homosexual priests appear to present more of a statistical likelihood to abuse children than heterosexual priests. Statistics are, after all, so much less viscerally impacting than a photograph of this heroic priest being borne away by firefighters from the ruins of the World Trade Center, coupled with a caption like “Rome says he’s a Bad Priest” or some other bit of agitprop.

So: to clarify. The issue is not homosexuality per se. It’s fidelity to chastity and obedience. A chaste, orthodox homosexual priest is a hero. Fr. Judge thought so too. He refused, in fact, to attend Dignity masses, according to reports I’ve seen. So he’s not going to be much of a patron saint for the “repeal Catholic sexual teaching” crowd. Remember that when he’s trotted out as the Patron of the Society of Paul Shanley.