Two pieces of Encouraging News

First, EWTN is doing a couple of programs on The Situation. I note with interest that the first one is happening on April 29th: the Feast of St. Catherine of Siena, a laywoman (and doctor of the Church) whose intercession we layfolk should all seek as we strive to be true to the Faith, honoring of our bishops, and when necessary, willing to administer ecclesial noogies till the bishops do the right thing. This was, more or less, St. Catherine’s work and she’s an excellent model of how to speak the truth in love to our shepherds. St. Catherine, pray for us.

Second, as Rod Dreher has noted, Cardinal Bevilacqua gets it. Morever, if the Cardinal is an accurate source of information, the rest of the Cardinals do too. That is: “All of the cardinals are agreed on zero tolerance, and by that I mean that we all are agreed that no priest guilty of even one act of sexual abuse of a minor will function in any ecclesial ministry or any capacity in our dioceses.” That was more or less what I had in mind for zero tolerance and I will be quite happy if that’s what they implement. Also, I am gratified to see that the good Cardinal is not falling for the “blame oxygen” arguments of the American Tobacco Growers Association and clearly grasps where the roots of this problem are and what the American bishops need to grow the spine to do. Go, Cardinal B!