A Complaint from A Cutting Edge Priest to His Oppressive Bishop

”In my work, you gave me four directions. You forbad [sic] me to start a gay parish. You forbad me to encourage gay unions. You forbad me to continue to celebrate Mass for homosexuals. You forbad me to give my own opinion on the morality of homosexual acts. Although I agree with none of these proscriptions, I have been obediently observing them.”

This is the voice of Call to Action, Catholics for a Free Choice, and various other media-approved apostles of FutureChurch. This particular priest, who might have starred in “Nothing Sacred” or “Mass Appeal” was a celebrated ”street priest,” who wore long hair and blue jeans and openly questioned church teachings, particularly its condemnation of homosexuality, clashing often and publicly with his superiors. Sounds like the very model of the Plucky Rebel Alliance cavalier against a traditional, oppressive Evil Empire of Orthodoxy, don’t he?

His name: Paul Shanley (I will not dignify this evil man with the title “father”).

Everybody is talking about the crisis this poses for the Church. The real story is the crisis this poses for those who thought that dissent from Church teaching could only lead to Paradise on Earth. The bishops have failed egregiously in the US. But make no mistake, their failure was a failure to uphold the Church’s teaching and oppose people like Shanley. Bishops: give us Jesus Christ, not men like this with agendas like his.