More on the Myth of Evil Empire vs. Plucky Rebel Alliance

Here is a guy who knows what’s going on and is willing to help you understand it.

While I’m on the subject, you can do yourself and your parish (and the Church, and the world) a huge, huge favor by checking out the people who (I’m not exaggerating) understand the Church’s theology of the laity better than anybody else in the world: the awesome Catherine of Siena Institute. These guys offer a “Called and Gifted” program that will knock your socks off. It not only lays out in a fun and accessible way the fullness of the Church’s teaching on spiritual gifts and the lay vocation, it also gives you practical tools for discerning those gifts and putting them into practice so that you can live your mission in the world. I deeply, deeply believe in the enormous significance of their work and put in a good word for them wherever I can. Get them to come to your parish. You will not be sorry!