Was that We-Speak?

I complained of the bishops’ “we-speak” and then wrote:

we layfolk who have largely created the culture of death and contempt for children, chastity and orthodoxy

So am I contradicting myself? No. Simply making the point that when you screw up, the first thing you do is take responsibility for your own actions, not try to generalize them to the crowd. If I throw a brick at Reginald Denny in a riot, my guilt is not lessened by the fact that “everybody else was doing it.” Bishops, of all people, should know this and so I gripe at them when they rely on this tried and true method of blame-shifting. But if I’m a member of “everybody else” my own riotous behavior is not made less culpable by the fact that somebody else threw a different brick than I did. As a layperson, I am quite willing to acknowledge that our culture is largely the creation of laypeople. We do, after all, constitute 99.9% of the Church and so the culture in which we live is 99.9% our responsibility. And we–we righteous, indignant laypeople–have largely failed to grasp the fact that unchastity menaces children above all.

Here is a useful maxim that will serve us well in grasping the origin of this crisis:

Show me a culture that despises virginity and I will show you a culture that hates children.

If that offends you, it shows that you have not really thought seriously about what’s going on. Hate mail lines are now open. Operators are standing by.