Welcome Welbornians, er, Welbornites, um, Welbornonians

With a plug like Amy’s I feel the tremendous burden of office descend on my shoulders as a phantom Homer Simpson shouts “BE MORE FUNNY!” and brandishes a remote in my direction. I will, to the best of my ability, attempt to be funny when something strikes me funny. Please bear with me when I’m not up to snuff. Right now, I’m in the process of finishing off the still-twitching corpse of my blogistic newbieness by making a preliminary list of links. This is a humor-impairing activity.

Speaking of links, if anybody is looking in from Petersnet, I don’t want to hear about it, especially the Sullivan link. I think the “Eek! He links to sites that are less than 100% Doctrinally Pure! He is ritually defiled!” approach to evaluating the merit of a site is deeply dumb. St. Thomas linked to pagans like Aristotle and it doesn’t seem to have harmed him. I’ve made clear my difficulties with Sullivan elsewhere, not to mention my take on the Situation, a take which differs sharply from Sullivan. So please do not remonstrate with me for not banishing Sullivan utterly away and for continuing to think him a valuable resource on many subjects as long as he is not indulging his wrong ideas about sex and Catholicism. I credit my readers with being able to read and do not fear they will be contaminated if they encounter muddled ideas.

Aside from that, I’m open to posts, link ideas and so forth. I should note that Welborn Rule obtains here: all posts to me are subject to possible posting, so be forewarned!