Mike Hardy needs to talk to Andrew Sullivan

Mike seems to have the idea that those of us who are noting that homosexuality seems to have something to do with abuse of boys are somehow concluding that all homosexuals are child abusers. I think I’ve made it clear I think no such thing. I think, well, virtually every sane and intelligent person has made this equally clear. However, people like Andrew Sullivan *do* insist on claiming that there is no connection whatsoever between homosexuality and abuse of boys. Instead of taking Kathy Shaidle to task for making a common sense rebuttal of some really really stupid acts of denial by gays who can play Spot the Queer in All About Eve but who pretend there’s no connection between homosexuality, why not take all the rhetorical giftedness and write an honest letter to Andrew Sullivan, taking him to task for his dishonesty. Somebody else did. You can too, Mike.