Another Day, Another Book for Mel Gibson!

Turns out my boss at Catholic Exchange has interesting irons in the fire. He’s working on getting support for a film on the life of St. Edmund Campion and is dickering with, among other people, Mel Gibson. (The film’s a natural for him, given his ongoing Australian love affair with the English as exemplified by Gallipolli, Braveheart, and the The Patriot. What could be better than a portrayal by a Catholic of a Jesuit brutally murdered by the Brits?) :)

Anyway, Tom’s gonna give him a signed copy of [Shameless plug alert! Get it while you can! Supplies are limited!] Making Senses Out of Scripture: Reading the Bible as the First Christians Did by the guy who is married to my wife. Pretty exciting for a fat suburbanite like me! Now if I can just get that role as Edmund’s goofy sidekick. Or maybe they’ve already signed Eddie Murphy.