Don’t Wanna Be Scaped? Don’t Act Like a Goat

Kathy Shaidle’s dead right, of course. The gay subculture has got to break out of the Andrew Sullivan Total Denial Syndrome if they hope to confront the pathologies they so transparently try to foist off on Everybody Else. Has the hierarchy failed, stonewalled, caved and generally made a catastrophic mess of things? Duh. Is the mess they made largely due to capitulating to precisely the sorts of avoidance of chastity and orthodoxy Andrew Sullivan demands? Yes.

Kathy pleads: “I don’t quite get it: gay men are so adept at seeing “gayness” where none exists (i.e., All About Eve), but not where it clearly does–in the seminary.”

Catholic theology, with its vast store of spiritual wisdom encoded into impenetrable jargon, puts it this way: “Concupiscence darkens the intellect.” In plain English: Sin makes you stupid. Or as C.S. Lewis once said, “The trouble with trying to be stupider than you really are is that you can often succeed.”