If I haven’t Mentioned it Before…

I think Petersnet’s Site Rating System is really stupid. overbearing and arrogant. They grade you on “fidelity” according to your links, among other things. Right Linking is Rewarded. Wrong Linking is Punished. My blog would be hopelessly “suspect” according to this stupid system, since opportunities for ritual defilement by contact with Different Ideas (including ideas I vigorously dispute) abound here. Recently, the Self-Appointed Inquisitors at Petersnet wrote Della, the moderator at Steve Ray’s Catholic Convert Board to threaten her with a downgrade for fidelity because one of the links on the site was to somebody they don’t approve of. Why? Because he links to people they don’t approve of! That’s right, they hold you accountable for ritually defiling the (according to their estimation) Stupid Reader Who Can’t Think His Way Out of a Paper Bag if you link to sites with links they don’t like.

And you thought the Index of Forbidden Books was a thing of the past.

Unfortunately, neither this blog nor my site (www.mark-shea.com) has yet had the honor of receiving a bad grade for the unsavory company I keep (tax collectors and publicans mostly). But I have found a brief letter written by the forerunners of Petersnet to St. Thomas Aquinas:

Dear Fr. Aquinas:

It has come to our attention at Petersnet that your work frequently links to that of Averroes, a Muslim opponent of the True Catholic Faith we define and defend. In addition, you are known to commonly quote from and even recommend the writings of Aristotle, a known pagan and practicing homosexual. If you do not cease recommending the work of these dangerous individuals, we will be forced to lower your rating to D- for fidelity.


Sempermaria Torquemada

Supreme Self-Appointed Grand Inquisitor and Guardian of True Faith