“Therefore we enter this new moment “living the truth in love” (Eph 4:15) and remembering Archbishop Weakland with the respect and love he has earned from his dedicated public service in our midst for the past quarter of a century.”

Yeah. I know. Speak no ill of the dead (or resigned in disgrace) and all that. But really. Does Bishop Sklba have to say that Weakland “earned” respect and love? Is it not closer to the mark to say that yer average bishop starts (or at least started) with respect and love simply by virtue of his office and that, in Weakland’s case, he prodigiously squandered these precious commodities, not only for himself but for so many other bishops and clergy? In our eulogizing, let us not fall into Weakland’s own pattern of mendacity and outright falsehood. Yes, it’s incumbent on the Successor to Say Something Nice. But for the love of God, tell the truth as you do so, Bishop Sklba. Don’t just give us more Happy Talk rendered in the highly forgettable cadences of Ecclesial Bland. Even Gerald Ford could do better. Take a page from him and try “Our long diocesan nightmare is over.” Think about the victims of Abp. Weakland’s abuse and neglect (no, not Marcoux: the rest of the diocese, particular the family the Great Man countersued) and stop talking as though this is All About Rembert. Or else don’t jaw about “living the truth in love.”