It Appears David Yallop is a Quack

A reader writes:

I had the pleasure of buying his book In God’s Name : An Investigation Into the Death of Pope John Paul I at a garage sale (ironically a church garage sale… the book was donated by someone getting rid of books that were clogging their attic). I’m glad I onyl spent 50 cents on the hardback book cause that was 50 cents more than the book is worth.

I wrote a review on this book over at Amazon here it is:

How serious can you take a book that brags about antagonizing the very subject (The Catholic Church) of the book itself? Second, how can you take seriously, a “investigstive reporter” when he cannot even reveal any of the sources that he uses for what he claims are the more “damaging claims” that he makes? Rather than investigative reporting, this book is conspiracy theory laden and one wonders how many times Mr. Yallop has contributed articles to the Enquirer. He has no proof whatsoever about a true motive inside the Church. His accusations against Opus Dei are entirely unfounded. He blames everyone from the head of the Vatican Bank to the Masonry, without producing a shred of evidence.

This appears to be just one of a series of books written by authors who have an overall disdain for the Catholic Church. If you want to read an investigative report that doesn’t cite any sources (sort of like looking at a ton of tv expose’ when everyone is blacked out and their voices muffled so you can barely understand them) then this book is for you. If you prefer something that befits your intellect, don’t waste your time on this book.