Fr. Richard “Weakland is the Future of the Church” McBrien…

sifts through the ashes of FutureChurch in search of evidence of his own infallibility. An article quotes him, moments after he clipped on his collar for the cameras:

A black mark on Weakland’s reputation should not undermine his philosophy within the church, theologians said.

“Sexual orientation and sexual behavior — whether proper or improper — has absolutely no connection with ideology,” said Father Richard McBrien, a theologian at Notre Dame. “We should have long since learned that lesson from the U.S. political scene, where conservative Republicans have been just as likely to be involved in sexual improprieties as liberal Democrats. Human nature, not ideology, is the driving force.”

Interesting the way the American media confers Trinitarian status on Fr. “Set My Superior Chromosomes Free!” McBrien, who magically becomes “theologians” (an entire theological community subsisting whole and undivided in the One McBrienhead). Also fascinating how Father McBrien insists that there is “absolutely no connection with ideology”. Fine. But what about with theology? What about with sanctity? What about with the Tradition? What about with Jesus Christ? McBrien shows once again how you can be the head of a theology department and never get around to thinking with the Tradition because you are so enamored of secular categories (and with the cameras on “Larry King Live”).

I don’t suggest for a moment that it is impossible for some so-called “conservative Catholic” to betray the Faith. Of course they can and do. I do suggest that it is moronic (or rather mendacious) for McBrien to try to analyze this in terms suggesting that the Faith is an ideology and not a revelation. If he thinks that, he’s got no business pretending to speak for the Catholic Church. But then, if you’ve heard his hosannas to Mahony and Weakland and his condescensions to the Holy Father, you’ve probably already noticed that.