Let’s Make Like the Druids, Running Naked Through the Wooids!

Gimme that old time religion! That’s for me!

Well, okay. Prescinding from the “running naked through the wooids” bit, and the “Druid” bit for that matter, my fambly and several friends will be departing for lovely Lopez Island in the San Juans (betcha you Right Coast people didn’t know Washington had islands, didja?). Anyway, we’re outta here in a short while and back late Monday.

(Slight theology lesson: We will in fact participate (at Mass on Sunday) in the Oldest Time Religion of All: worship of the Father through the Incarnate Word who was “with God in the beginning”. Pagan nature worship is a new kid on the block. The Logos has been worshipping the Father since before the Big Bang, which is before there was Before! And not only is pagan nature worship wet behind the ears, it’s stupid, since it worship Nature and not the Creator, which is like complimenting the stereo speakers for their music composition skills.)

Anyway, my advice to you is: if you wanna read all things Sheavian (Sheaish? Sheaesque? Sheaonian?) go peruse my website www.mark-shea.com. Also, I will have my customary weekend piece on Catholic Exchange this weekend, so even while I frolic with the deer and fuzzy bunnies, I will be endeavoring to serve you. In the meantime, if you go there today, you can see Steve Greydanus’ hilarious Surgeon General’s warning against the toxic new film, “Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron“. I knew it would suck from the trailers, but Steve’s review makes clear just how bad it sucks. Enjoy!

Oh, and to all the folks in the mailbag: trust me. I’ll get back to you, but a guy needs a vacation now and then!