Dale the Lawyer Weighs In

Here’s the link to the handwritten letter from Our Man In Milwaukee to Marcoux.

And here’s the Abp’s response to L’affaire Marcoux:

“I have never abused anyone.

[Depends upon what your definition of "abused" is. Believe it or not, I hate the fact I've had to break my Clinton Obfuscation Detector/Filter out of storage to use it on our shepherds. No choice, really. They've made word-parsing a necessity.]

I have not seen Paul Marcoux for more than 20 years. When I first met him here in Milwaukee he was a man in his early 30s.

[And a profoundly troubled and vulnerable one, from the text of the Abp's letter. COD/F Warning: Did he meet Marcoux outside of Milwaukee? Sigh.]

Paul Marcoux has made reference to a settlement agreement between us. Because I accept the agreement’s confidentiality provision, I will make no comment about its contents.

[Because the flock would fly further off the handle if I admitted that I had to skim a half-million (legal fees included) off the collection plates to pay for my...well, mistakes were made.]

However, because I have financial responsibility for the well-being of this archdiocese, I want to let the people of the archdiocese know that through my 25 years as bishop I have handed over to the archdiocese money obtained by my lectures and writings together with other honoraria.

[COD/F: All of it?]

Cumulatively, those monies far exceed any settlement amount.

[4500 Benjamins? Wouldn't mind seeing the books--to do a little comparative accounting.]

Given the climate in today’s world where the church must regain its credibility, the situation would be an added and continuing distraction from that goal. I do not want to be an obstacle to that search for credibility on the part of the church, which I will continue to love with all my heart and which I have served to the best of my abilities for these 51 years. As required by church law, I submitted my resignation as archbishop to the holy father on my 75th birthday, April 2. I have now today asked the Vatican to accelerate its acceptance.

[Appropriate, good, and necessary--but too late to be meaningful. Not to mention a foregone conclusion in any event.]

I ask for your prayers and healing.


Rembert G. Weakland, Archbishop of Milwaukee

[Not for much longer.]

None of which entirely excuses Marcoux, who strikes me as a manipulative little weasel in his own right, milking this for all it’s worth. Just another red-letter day in the history of the Catholic Church in America.

One final question: “Christodrama”?

I’m glad the man has the (apparent) integrity to try to step down and I will certainly pray for him and his victimized archdiocese. Whether he will be allowed to go is another matter. It’s anybody’s guess as to whether he will be allowed to take a powder now that his hypocrisy, mismanagement, corruption, vanity, arrogance, and, yes, cruelty, to victims has been exposed. He may well be left to carry the cross he so recklessly laid on the shoulders of others. But it was a good beginning for him to at least try to resign and I commend him for it. Personally, I hope Rome accepts the resignation forthwith. But it’s the Holy Spirit’s Church, not mine. We’ll see.