When I made sackcloth my clothing,

I became a byword to them.

I am the talk of those who sit in the gate,

and the drunkards make songs about me. – Psalm 69-11-12

The difference between Andrew Sullivan and me is that he thinks this is the “best story” to come out of this whole wretched, wretched mess. Har Har. I think it is bitterly, awfully unfunny and doubly so because, with the unerring aim of so many bent on hating the Church rather than hoping for it, it blames exactly the wrong man in the cruelest possible terms. It is, I repeat, the failure of the American ecclesiocracy to listen to John Paul and their lickspittle cowardice in the face of dissenting agendas promoted by people like Andrew Sullivan (and, yes, Paul Shanley) which got us here. To now blame John Paul, and in such breathtakingly cruel terms, for the consequences of that incredible folly is simply despicable. Guys like Sullivan have demanded for years that John Paul have little to no influence on the American Church. They got their wish. The American Church, typified by Rev. Richard “Mahony is the True Voice of Reform” McBrien has done its damnedest to spit in his eye at every turn. Now they blame him for their not listening.

The true difference between John Paul and the majority of bishops in our Oh-So-Special American ecclesiocracy is this: you won’t hear him pissing and moaning over this ugly ugly slander whereas we hear them whining, evading, dishing disinformation, boasting of their “thinking outside the box” (and even jockeying for position over one another when they are in fact guilty of egregious failures, betrayals and sins. In short, he carries his cross. Most of our bishops, so far, don’t. He knows it’s the only way. Most of our bishops don’t appear to know a damn thing.