Why Islam is in Such Deep Doo Doo

“Masked gunmen assassinated a leading Kashmiri peace advocate during a ceremony marking the murder of another independence leader 12 years ago. The shooting of Abdul Ghani Lone, a moderate, soft-spoken Muslim separatist leader who sought dialogue with India to bring self-determination for Kashmiris, comes at a time of heightened tension over the disputed Himalayan region.”

These wahoos want to go on killing the best and brightest people in their own community and “purify” Islam into the darkest planetary scourge the world has ever known. If they succeed, it will have none of the self-restraining factors of good old evil communism because its leaders will be fired with religious zeal and not get bogged down in plain old institutional inertia and corruption like the living mummies in the Kremlin were. My personal guess is that our Islamic friends are going to wind up doing something so heinous (eg, nuking NY, Rome, London, DC or all four) that America’s previous insane restraint (frisking little old ladies in order to avoid “profiling” the actual people we are at war with, truckling favor with the creeps of Saud) will turn to insane lack of restraint (mass deportations, nuking Mecca, etc). We Americans are not, I suspect, a temperate people, merely a lucky one. When America’s luck runs out, katie bar the door. Islam will do great evil before it’s run its course. But the worst evil it will do–besides sending many of its adherents to hell–will be to lead to the mass slaughter of its own adherents by glorifying yahoos like the murderers who killed Abdul Ghani Lone. There is something insane in the fallen human mind that prefers Barabbas over Christ. Lone was, whether he knew it or not, doing the work of Christ. Once again, fallen Adam has chosen Barabbas.