Somebody writes:

The article you posted today stated that Baker “confessed” to Mahony. Was this a Sacramental Confession?

I doubt it, since the piece goes on to say that Mahony talked about it in a letter to diocesan priests in 1986.

In another case, have you heard about the Oklahoma Diocese?

It seems AB Beltran accepted an admitted pedophile from a religious order in another state. Gave him a second chance he did.

Same song, second verse, he did it again, and again.

AB Beltran did the right thing and notified the police. Unfortunately, his poor judgment has cost the good Catholics of Oklahoma, are you ready?

$5,000,000 for one victim; the media states that this is a world record, so far.

Now that the cat is out of the bag, I guess the second victim, who is still negotiating with the Bishop’s lawyers, won’t get near as much “hush money”.

It looks like C. Law’s hope that the other dioceses would help out Boston won’t materialize because they will all be broke after this is over.

Lord Jesus, purify your Church.

‘fraid I haven’t heard of the OK case, but then they are coming in so fast and furious that it’s hard to keep up. The flood will eventually crest (we are watching the results of an enema on a 30 year old impacted bowel and such things are not accomplished in a day) and recede, but right now it seems like it will never end.

The most heartening thing about what you write is the last line and the refreshing heedlessness to matters concerning the Financial Bottom Line. It has been a very moving thing to me to see so many faithful Catholics take the Church’s finances so lightly (as indeed Jesus does) and her holiness so very seriously (as he also does). Let the Great Enema of 2002 continue!