When Worlds Collide

Somebody contact this guy and tell him he can win an easy $1000 from Robert Sungenis.

A couple of lessons learned from the piece.

1. Learning science does not make one any less a PC Jesuit: “‘The God who wanted that kind of universe is one who wanted us to participate in his or her dynamism,’ said Coyne.” Don’t fear the masculine pronoun, Padre. The masculine pronoun never killed anybody. You are a priest of a revealed religion that calls God “Father.” It’s okay. You’re safe and among friends here.

2. Even a scientist stuck in an observatory on a mountain in Italy can figure out more readily than many American bishops that secrecy and deceit are bad ideas.

3. There’s something goofy about a scientist weighing in on the Priest Scandals as though it really has anything to do with his particular field. It’s something like Noam Chomsky talking about our policy in Afghanistan. He’s entitled to an opinion, but I’m not obligated to think it important just because he’s a big name in his particular field. It was like the other day at the Home School conference, when somebody announced that the Chief Exorcist of Rome doesn’t like Harry Potter. My reaction was “So what does the Chief Exorcist of Rome know about literature? Why should I especially care what he thinks?” I keep waiting for a headline that says “Vatican Poodle Trainer Weighs in on Scandals”.