Fr. Coelacanth Corrects the Mass

A reader writes:

One of those linguistic fossils is my pastor. During Mass, he says “May the Lord accept this sacrifice at our hands. For the praise and glory of God’s name. For our good and the good of all God’s Church.” So, in other words, he goes out of his way to castrate God since he’s not supposed to say that part any way. During Good Friday, he dutifully went through all those prayers taking out every male pronoun. Momentarily I thought of saying “Amen and Awomen” just to make a point, but of course that wouldn’t be respectful during the liturgy.

Padre, don’t be afraid of the masculine pronoun. The masculine pronoun is your friend. Trust the masculine pronoun. It was, after all, Jesus who said, “When you pray, say ‘Father.’” But then, what does the Incarnate God know?