More on Harry Potter

Here’s an interesting piece on Harry by Mike Hertenstein.

After the Gandalf vs. Harry Potter panel at the Home School Conference this weekend, I was the Lone Contrarian arguing that Harry was mostly innocent, the books are certainly not occultic and though they are no more in Tolkien’s league than a pop gun is in the same league as a B-52, they are fun and okay in their own way. Much acrimony. One guy came up to another panelist and said, “You were great. He [gesturing at me] is an idiot.” :) He also informed me the books are being “channelled” by the author.


To be fair, the other panelists made some interesting points, but not very persuasive ones in my books. I continue to think of Harry Potter as largely disposable mind candy. Fun. Aware of the cardinal virtues but not the theological ones. Not the locus of evil in the universe.

Between angry Muslims and Harry-haters my mail should be fun this week!