My Pal, the Wickedly Funny Doug Sirman, has a Blog!

He emails me this:

Y’know, this explains a hell of a lot. What’s wrong with the clerical sub-culture in a nutshell.

From Amy’s blog:

Imesch of Joliet facing criticism (Chicago Trib. Link requires…you know.)

Joliet Bishop Joseph Imesch seemed unfazed as a lawyer questioned him in 1995 about bringing in a priest who had been convicted of molesting an altar boy in Michigan.

“If you had a child,” the lawyer recalled asking the bishop during the deposition for a civil suit, “wouldn’t you be concerned that the priest they were saying mass with had been convicted of sexually molesting children?”

Replied Imesch, “I don’t have any children.”

No Shit, Bishop…that’s precisely the problem. You think you don’t have any children when actually, every one of your parishoners should be considered one of your kids.

Hard to argue with that.