I’ve Created a Monster

After my inflammatory words about Islam, readers are hitting me fast and furious with comments…

…about xylophones:

A few minutes Googling produced several encyclopedia or other reference sites that confirmed that xylophones are made of wood. The name comes from the Greek word for wood.




This site doesn’t have the word “wood” that I noticed, but it has a nice color photograph showing bars that are clearly wood. It also lets you (or your children) use the cursor as a mallet and play it.


However, I must admit that I found one site that said “wooden or metal bars” http://www.mathcs.duq.edu/~iben/marixylo.htm

It is indeed a decadent world in which we live. (One site I didn’t copy the URL for suggested it started with children’s toy xylophones made of metal.)

Furthermore, I found a site that tells how children can make a “glass xylophone” but putting varying amounts of water into eight

drinking glasses. This is on a site connected with the National Science Foundation and PBS, so, despite disclaimers about not

necessarily relecting the opinion, etc., etc., it’s got to be true.


If you can have a glass xylophone, I suppose you, or your son Luke, can have a dental xylophone.

And I did that without having to walk across the street to the Music Library, which, as I’ve mentioned elsewhere, has a Mac for use by its patrons that has two icons on the screen: “Classical Composers” and “Trash”.