Spoke too Soon

A source tells me that His Majesty Rembert of Milwaukee, Defender Against the Oppressed, Despoiler of the Downtrodden and Man Who is Too Good for his Flock “told his privy council, or whatever the hell he calls it, that the Holy Father has let the American bishops know he’s not going to move any of them in the middle of this crisis. Remby is going to be there for quite some time.” However, if my guess is right and the Holy Father hopes for men like him to finally get a clue about what their priestly office means via carrying, rather than simply laying on the shoulders of others, the cross of Christ, this does not necessarily add up to the jolly news that His Majesty might think. How about it Milwaukee? Doncha think Rembert Weakland the Great could begin by wrapping an apology to the family victimized by Fr. Effinger in the $4000 dollars he had the temerity to squeeze from them and then handing it to them personally–and on national TV? That would be a good beginning for his penance.

There’s a phony “victim listening session” being planned by the Great Man this June 11. But why wait? Why not tell the Great Man to pony up the money and the apology to the abused family right now? Heck! Since this is a matter of common justice, you don’t even have to be Catholic to let him know what a disgrace his actions are. Let’s see if he really listens or just pretends to.