May Almighty God in Highest Heaven Solemnly Damn the Sins of the Clergy and Bishops Who Did This Vile Thing to One of Your Lambs

And may he have mercy on us all, especially victims and abusers. We must have both: full-throated “We Will Not Stand for This Shit From our Shepherds Anymore!” rage at this evil and radical mercy extended to all in the hope they repent. Grant the abusers, in particular, that mercy in the jail cells they so richly deserve and should continue to occupy, along with their enablers. But grant, O Lord, even more your mercy to those who have fallen prey to the lie of the devil that their victimization somehow makes them culpable for the abuse perpetrated against them. Free these innocent victims, Heavenly Father, from that evil, evil lie and give them the grace to name the evil done to them, to clearly see that it was not their fault, and then to forgive both themselves and their attackers so that they will be finally and fully free. Heal their loved ones as well, that they may find you again in the sacrament of the Eucharist and have supernatural power to forgive even this sin and be a force for healing within your sick Body.