Looks like I’m Dumb

Completely misread Progressive Catholic’s thingie on the economics of celibacy. D’oh!. Need more chocolate. Not awake.

As to the other business about the intrinsic disorder of homosexual orientation, PC writes:

“What bothers me is the likening to homosexuality to criminal behavior and disease. The CDF documents talk of the homosexual orientation as inclined to a intrinsic moral evil. I can accept that as long it is balanced that heterosexuals are also tempted to intrinsic moral evil.”

This would indeed be fair and balanced–if heterosexual attraction was intrinsically morally disordered. But it’s not. If it were, then all heterosexual expression would be sinful.

Now all homosexual expression is sinful. The temptation is not sinful, but it remains disordered. Can heterosexual temptation be disordered too? Sure! Just look at Bill Clinton (or your own heart). To be “disordered” is to be “dis-ordered”: ie., wrongly ordered to the way God intends things. God intends sex to be between man and woman in marriage. This is revelation. All other expressions of sex are disordered. Some forms (homosexuality, bestiality, incest, sex with children, etc) are *intrinsically* disordered. That is, there is no way they can be rightly done. Heterosexuality per se is not intrinsically disordered because it can be rightly expressed (see Marriage, Sacrament of).

I agree that the notion that there is something extra specially sinful about homosexually disorder sexuality is a convenient thing for heterosexuals to think and overlooks the reality that most of the sexual sin in the world is heterosexual sin. But I flatly disagree that there is anything in the world wrong with the Church’s basic teaching on the intrinsic and objective disorderedness of homosexual temptation, nor with the Church’s teaching that homosexual practice is sinful. Likening it to lefthandedness doesn’t fly, for the reason I gave before.

One last thing, I think the idea of revisiting celibacy in order to expand the pool of candidates has some merit. But I think even more that not weeding out the candidates we have now who are both chaste and orthodox has even more merit. I’m not wedded to celibacy (har, har). If the discipline changes, I will have no problem. But I am frankly suspicious of the haste with which so many clueless people has decided that this is the solution. It’s a bandaid on a cancer and the cancer is the thing to be addressed.